Friday, December 17, 2010

Schizophrenics: Part 2

I speak now of a typical malady of pedophiles, rapists, and those who murder for sport, and liken it to the ethics of a profession based on the Hyppocratic oath. What do they all have in common? Firstly, when they look at the person, they do not empathize with them as someone vaguely similar to themselves, but rather see an instrument, a thing, in the case of research psychiatrists, a bioda of research importance. The argument of course is that without such people there would be no way to gather such important information that allows for the helping of countless others. Such a defense is tantamount to the exoneration of Dr. Mengele and no less psychotic.

Like most ethical systems, the quality of its effectiveness is based upon the willingness of the practitioner to abide by its precepts. However, the psychiatric industry has manufactured such cures as the icepick lobotomy, and electro convulsive shock therapy. You have to ask yourself, how did the association between electrically shocking someone, and alleviating their depression ever come to be?

I will postulate a plausible circumstance. When dealing with the mentally insane, it easy to hide behind any defense because these poor souls can literally say nothing to defend themselves. Psychiatrists murder, maim, torture, and to this very day it is only with considerable oversight by powerful ex-patients within the industry that their research aims are to some degree stifled. The ethics that was instantiated by Hippocrates millennia ago failed, as all ethics must eventually fail.

We must consider the industry itself. The serial killer who murders for sport, secretly years to get caught so that their handiwork will be written about and their celebrity secured. So too with research psychiatrists whose publications ensure that their renown will be cited and recited, and that their celebrity is ensured. The basic Jesus-maxim is irrelevant. The psychotic who cannot speak for himself is less than a person and offers no possible threat to the psychiatrist who is an adept communicator.

The issue that concerns us here is that there is a disjunction in the person to person relationship which has been transmuted by the mental health professional into a subject to object relationship. This is further complicated by the society which uses the mental health industry to manufacture well adjusted workers for a dying economic system which itself produces nothing, preferring to send actual manufacturing jobs oversees to Thailand and China, where they don't have to pay the workers a living wage.

What it is tantamount to is instantiating a cultural schizoid personality which is itself alienated from the means of its own stability. The world is a resource, people are a resource, nature is a resource, our children are a resource. It is the common state of man then to think in alignment with the psychopath who uses people as instruments, and the psychiatric industry sees no reason to stand up for the person, who is a liability, and whose critical intellect and ability to see this system as evil and flawed, (and unviable) would be anathema to sustaining the consensus delusion that allows it to trundle toward its inevitable death.

No, the person in this system is a machine and its value to society is that of a production. The economy is thus a great machine built upon smaller machines whose soul value to the system is their ability to produce within the system. Being a machine in this system is tantamount to a productive member of society and is of course that very terminology we use when validating our role within that society. Nevermind the fact that we are trying to kill off the competing machines, and that the means of production is outsourced to foreign machines, if the mathematics of the bottom line is met to our liking, the machine in charge is pleased and can go about producing its own machines.

It is the phenomenological-existential debasement that American society, with all of its potential, has fallen into. True freedom is no longer civil liberties, it is the right of the economic establishment to imbalance the system toward a new depression. By funneling more fake money into the machine, and thus reducing the overall value of the money in question, we can give the appearance that the bottom is not falling out of the system. Meanwhile, the same banking schemes that generate money from money, and produce nothing but debt, are allowed to produce more debt. Our children, who are going to college on student loans automatically enter the work force in debt, and this is what our economy is capable of producing: debt. If you do not have the money, no bother, credit card companies are willing to give you the illusion that you can afford that new coat. Never mind the fact that you can by a similar coat for half the price, you want the name brand. This is what we manufacture, names and debt. It is a fake economy based on the illusion of credit, meant to enslave a society hypnotized by their own desire, pulled on invisible strings to sell their own interests to a name.

The pathology that we willfully instantiate is that of our own separation from the rest of the world, that our system is the free-est and people with socialized medicine are Nazi's. This is largely because the rest of the world is a resource to us, and we are not free even in spite of this. Again, the psychology of names is politicized in the act of name calling. If I can frame socialized medicine in the form of Nazism, millions of ignorant rednecks will immediately think our President is bin Laden. The problem is that it works. People really do sit in from of the TV and passively receive ignorance and pass it off as knowledge. These are articles of faith among them, but there is no distinction between faith and fact. Thus the manufacture of facts is hypodermically received by a passive viewership which does not understand the precept of its foundation.

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