Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dimension Theory Proposition #1

'Methods of Conservation in Dealing with Dimension

1. It is assumed that if you rob an object of its extension in one dimension
you must provide it with another place to store that information, and then
you can go back and retranslate it so long as you've kept the right
information. This may or may not have anything to do with reality. We don't
want to lose our information. We don't want to 'transmute' the object. We
don't want objects to change to be a one way change from which there is no
return. We want our object to retain all its properties and then force it
to fit in a space that it's not supposed to be able to fit in.

The info we are dealing with is length. Length in circle terms
equals circumference. If we crush our circle into one dimension we swap out
the space dimension for time. When we do that again, what we need is another
temporal dimension. So, a one dimension circle/loop (the same way I recall
Brian Greene describing a string) would be able to exist at multiple locations
but never at the same time.

That is to say, a Zero dimensional circle -vascillates- between two distinct locations, which is defined by a center. The distance between the first location and the second location can be considered the circumference of the 0d circle. The diameter is half that distance and the radius is half the distance of the diameter.

So we are dealing with a doubling and halving.

Now if I construct an object like this and shoot it in any direction it will accelerate by a factor of 2, that is to say each step will be twice as long as the first step.

At present, there is no explanation for why this happens although I can demonstrate it via simulation.

Special thanks to Brian Greene for the insight to give this idea a try.

To reiterate we can rob an object of its spatial dimension so long as we add a temporal dimension to it.

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