Thursday, December 9, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing: Chapter 8: Sig Monk

The Signifying Monkey

God help me for going here, but I do it knowing full well the dangers I face. It is my relationship to the monkey that differs. I do not see the animal as a non-person. It is here that I enter the slave's discourse against the master. The slave who must appear small, and feeble minded tricking the master by self-mockery, and tricking none the less. Our job as madmen is to create instability in the sane man's discourse with the real, an intercourse really, a fucking of reality with a meta-linguistic dick. Finding holes in theories, and plugging them up. It is a sexual discourse, it is bereft of telos; we are the Signifying Monkey. But like the feminist who despises the association of females with the land, we are born into a system which preloads that association with ownership. If we were Native Americans this would not be an issue, for the land sustains, nurtures us, gives us life. And the monkey in pre-WWII anthropology is one step behind the Australian Aborigine, and it is this discourse, this evolutionary notion that there is hierarchy to culture that puts the white man at the top, and everyone else beneath.

It is precisely this desire to fuck you, Mr. Gates, to put you underneath them that we have rebelled against in our doctrine. The same basic hardware that was gifted to you, has been gifted to me, by fate, or chance, or God himself. It is precisely the right to feel good about our own brilliance that white men lost in the wake of Nazi Germany. For if we are great and white, are we not white supremacists (in a literal sense)?

It makes me sick to my fucking stomach this is the tradition I am born into, for it killed evolution, with so many Jews. We can't talk about our similarities, we cannot talk about our differences, we cannot talk at all, like Chaucer's Manciple, we are terrified of our own ideas, and how they may be received.

Natural Selection only Applies To Lizards and Fish

At higher levels of mammalian life you get some natural selection, but otherwise you get aesthetic selection. The survival of the prettiest. It is here that American culture has advanced evolution itself, for all people of all colors are now seen as beautiful. And this is as it should be, and it only could have happened here. For a brief history of Aesthetic Selection, please have a look at the Irish Elk.

One possible interpretation of the fossil record, an interpretation which suits human cultural factually, is that the female elk thought the men with the biggest horns were indeed the most desirable, so generation after generation, the horns of the elk became larger and larger, and thus did the Irish Elk die out, because they could no longer take in enough energy to support their own heads.

Simple enough, and you can see how aesthetics take over natural selection at the higher forms of life. Birds too share this tradition. They sing, the floof their plumes, they manipulate, they seduce.

So it is here that we enter, the Blackness of Blackness, still in the wake of Nazism, still recovering from genocide, all of us, together, in Hitler's hell.

"The Signifying Monkey is a trickster figure...(Esu Elegbara)...they are mediators, there mediations are tricks."

Esu is an interpreter of the will of God, he carries the people's wishes to the God, he mediates, he is a messenger, an angel; he is a master of style a phallic emblem, a divine linguist (Gates, Blackness of Blackness), but himself a slave, having no motive of his own, no telos to advance, no bone to pick, just games to play, and systems (and players) to break.

Esu's job is to wreak havoc on the signified, he signifies signifying, like our ejaculating Sentence, he represents the signifier in a constant state of signification, signifying the act itself, he is a process, like all gods, he is a force of nature. He does not signify something, rather, he signifies in some way. And the way is more important than the meaning, (or signfied) in fact, the manner of signification carries more meaning that the object referred to. It is a stylistic imperative that demands we sound cool.

And this style imperative is tropological and ballistic in nature, it annihilates that which it refers to, vividly; like the Hegelian dialect, it abolishes, but not in order to get to a higher level, which is largely to sink into the basement, so that you can feel what its like to ascend, there is no other level, its a play, a game, a pastiche.

This type of signification is known also to punk subculture where the insult is really seen as a complement in disguise. It means I'm cool with you, cool enough to get away with insulting you, and your response is a shot back. White culture really doesn't understand this unless they told so by punks or blacks, the value of a thing is pre-assigned, always prejudicial, we always pussyfoot around the issue, you're black, I'm a punk, you're a white bred cracker asshole who really wants to freeze me into this post-WWII place so that you can tell me how to signify.

Not a chance.

So the slave always wins by losing, by pretending to be an idiot, they never see him coming, and when his tricks get found out, they go mad and cry foul, but the Signifying Monkey has disappeared into landscape, and they have nothing left but their own unsettled rage to vanquish. No one but themselves left to fight.

The master's pride is our greatest weapon. Praise be unto Esu, I too have worshipped here.

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