Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Philosophy of Chaotics

Ok, very informally, we are developing a theory of states, with an ontology of grammatical objects.

Adjectives account for dimensions. IE: Anything that can be called a quality, we call a property, and this is expressible in terms of dimensions, ie: Length/Width/Height = X/Y/Z axes. Nouns are objects being a locus for dimensions. Verbs can be either attached to an object, ie: an acting or action of an object, or energies independant of objects; adverbs are properties of verbs, articles are adjectival.

Pronouns and shifters are indebted to a system or a context, and the grammar (incompletely) rules the production of "meaning" which is necessarily incomplete.

This metaphysic is still in the experimental phase (at least as far as describing goes). The results of assuming it's truthfullness has not lead me astray (yet).



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