Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello All

I'm taking a break from Much Ado. Most if not everything that I could say has already been said, and now it's a matter of repeating myself ad-nauseum, which is fine, but I need a break.

I am thoroughly proud of the scope and the product, and will be proof-reading and correcting the grammar before I get into Borges and maybe some more Blake. We have noticed that the trend in critical theory is moving toward science. This is great. Science has much to offer literary criticism and archaic psychoanalysis is not the end all and be all of interpretive understanding. It is great that Lacan has found an arena where his insights are not suspect, but Relativity also has much to tell us, especially when we get into collapsed temporal frameworks, and writers who think they're enlightened.

This really began as a joke. I was like, well, if you think you're so enlightened Mr. Blake, so illuminated, let's test out just how illuminated you really are. He's illuminated. The insights of Einstein do well to understand certain qualities of texts where opposition has been rendered simultaneously true. The principle transcendence afforded to us is our ability to make insights across time. If we are doing it in succession, we are talking about evolution, and this schema I used because I was, and still am, a student of Archaeology. My Guru, Samuel Paley. He taught me Akkadian, and Hebrew, and I studied Greek and Latin under UB's phenomenal Classics department.

If we want to study principles which transcend time, we can talk about them in terms of Relativity and theoretical physics which afford a schema and an impulse to do just that.

Psychoanalysis is still a great tool, and I am a big fan of Lecercle, whose name I pun on, yet still admire. The older I get, the less admiration I have for Jung's archetypes, but I still admire his insights, and Campbell did much to advance Jung's theory.

From a personal standpoint, I admired the mysticism of Judaic tradition, as a student of Rabbi Noson Gurary's Jewish mysticism class. He said that King David's great gift was to take the highest spiritual knowledge and relate it to everyone; I believe that I have lived up to his criticism, merely by living up to my own name.

Anyway, thank you for your interest, more will be added when I've thoroughly proofed the twelve chapters currently here.

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