Monday, May 4, 2009

Flatland World Builder & RPG Maker

Game Engine/World Builder


This is a blank version of the RPG engine I am developing as a tutelary device to teach video game programming and math/physics. Documentation will be forthcoming (keep checking)!

pixel perfect collision via Mysoft
circle collision via Bollocks
square collision via Bollocks
Projectile collision and health bar

*Dialog Engine
Interactive text adventure/chatbot style interactions with NPC's

Very slick interface (which is still being developed) via Vince Decampo

Scripting engine which allows you run case based procedures through
text file

*End User Creativity
-World Builder allows you to place NPC's and mapobjects with the ability
to interact with them in the game
-Civ-like Map Editor
-Lots of stolen graphics

-Loading sounds has never been easier

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